Preparing for Re-Entry 2010 Spring Semester Graduation

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. By: Winston Churchill

Preparing 4 Re-Entry

Franklin C.I. Chaplaincy Department

Program Schedule: Opening - Greg Faulkenberry - Senior Chaplain

Opening Prayer: Dan Husk - Volunteer Chaplain

Music: Chapel Praise Team

Special Guest Speaker: Warden Diane Andrews

Special remarks and presentations of certificates: Dan Husk

New Believers Class: Chaplain Husk

These will receive a Certificate and Bible (7)

R12 Discipleship Class: Chaplain Husk

These will receive a Certificate and Composition Book/Pen (15)

Anger Management, Finance and Parenting: Kerry Freeman

Anger Management - Faith and Finance - Parenting Class 

These will receive a Certificate and  Book "Desire of the Ages"


Ricky Cloud, AWP

These will receive a Certificate and  Book "Faith - Does it Move Mountains" (4)

The Graduating Class of Spring 2010 Semester

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Closing Remarks: Greg Faulkenberry

Preparing for Re-Entry Curriculums

Anger Management - Faith & Finance - Parenting - New Believers - R12 Discipleship

Two Brand New Classes are now being offered!

Marriage - Life Dynamics

Coming Soon

College of Theology

Space Shuttle Landing

U.S. space shuttle Discovery has returned to Earth after almost two weeks in orbit. It touched down at the Kennedy Space center in Florida. The landing was postponed a few times due to poor weather conditions. Discovery brought 7 astronauts back to Earth. They spent almost two weeks at the International Space Station, carrying out space walks and maintenance work.

This is a new course that we are starting 4th Semester 2010

Franklin Correctional Institution
Chaplaincy Re-Entry Program

Church@Franklin Faith and Finance Course Syllabus

Course Description: An 8 week course consisting of 8 video messages by various presenters at Saddleback Church's Faith and Finance Seminar, presented June 2010. Class participants will be provided handouts as needed.

Week 1: 5 Foundations of Financial Freedom by Rick Warren

Week 2: Live Your Life For Half the price, Part 1, by Mary Hunt

Week 3: Live Your Life For Half the price, Part 2, by Mary Hunt

Week 4: Creating A Spending Plan, Part 1, by Chris Goulard and Ron Blue

Week 5: Creating A Spending Plan, Part 2, by Chris Goulard

Week 6: Mind Your Own Mortgage by Rob Bernabe

Week 7: Becoming Debt Free by Rick Warren

Week 8: Purpose Driven Finance by Rick Warren

Material Supplied for Course: Class Folder and Pen, Handouts as needed.

Requirements to Complete Course: You must complete a total of 6 weeks, 2 weeks can be excused for medical, education, callouts. After you are issued the course material you must bring it to each class, failure to do so will cost 1/2 week credit.

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