Update: Danny was also chosen Volunteer of The Year at Franklin C.I. for 2011.

Volunteer Appreciation Banquet 2010 Franklin C.I. Carrabelle, Florida 

Franklin C.I. showed their Volunteers just how important they are to F.D.O.C. Staff.

The 2010 Volunteer Appreciation Banquet at Franklin C.I. was one of the premier events this year.
Several Volunteer groups, like the Celebrate Recovery Team enjoyed the
incredible fellowship throughout the evening. As we were approaching the Holidays, Independence Day became the theme as red, white and blue painted the room. Administration Staff filled the roll of keynote speakers; taking the opportunity to express to our volunteers how important they are to us all. The speakers included Ricky Cloud, AWP, Colonel Copeland, Captain Webb, 2009 VOY for the entire F.D.O.C., Robert Jetton and myself, Chaplain Faulkenberry.

Better food could not be found anywhere as one of our Volunteers, Kerry Freeman spent several days with his family fishing for fresh and salt water fish for the banquet. The fish were fried up to perfection by none other than Sgt. Ray Messer and his cooking entourage.

Two of our dear friends blessed us with a night of encouragement, keeping the full attention of over 70 staff and volunteers. Recording artist, Kim Kirchoff kept the crowd standing and weeping as she paid honor to some of our nations most treasured songs. Tim Gagnon, Artist Extraordinaire with inflamed brushes brought the canvas to life leaving us with a precious image that will stay in our hearts forever.

The evening rose to a crescendo as Ricky Cloud announced Dan Husk as our Volunteer of the Year for Franklin C.I.. Volunteer Chaplain Husk spends several hours per week facilitating the chapel to include five re entry classes. We are so fortunate to have him as part of the team. Following this announcement, we handed out certificates to all of our awesome volunteers. Along with the certificates, our Volunteers took home wrapped ceramic cups filled with candy, custom Franklin C.I. Volunteer stickers and great memories.

Special thanks to Captain Valentina Webb for coordinating this incredible night, Ricky Cloud, AWP for his heart felt support of our Chaplaincy Department, Signs Unlimited for the super cool car stickers, Kim Kirchoff, Tim Gagnon, Officer Johnson, Angel Silva, Kendall Hersey, Officer Paynter, Sgt. Massey, Ray Messer, Sgt. Hamilton and his wife for the beautiful basket and card, all the staff that gave and served, and finally my wife, Terrie for the love, support and the 200 top notch Nikon D-40 pics that she took.

Our first quarter of 2010, we have graduated 21 men from our re-entry program. Our second quarter already has over 100 men on the waiting list. This success is primarily due to the time and care Dan has given to these men. As the saying goes, especially in a prison, "Good news travels fast".

Dan has brought so much to the table as part of our team: Character, Integrity, Time, Love, Care and Concern

It is because of these traits it is our pleasure to nominate Dan Husk as our
2010 Franklin Correctional Institute Chaplaincy Department Volunteer of the Year.

Dan Husk has been a Volunteer with us for one and a half years. Dan came to us with a heart to minister and a recommendation from his Pastor. As a retiree, Dan has faithfully committed approximately thirty hours per week for the past year. As we began planning our re-entry program, it became clear that Dan would become a vital part of this endeavor. Chaplain Husk runs the Parenting, Faith and Finance and Anger Management Classes. Also, Dan facilitates programs, church services, counsels Inmates, visits the compound and communicates crisis messages. It is because of the great character and servitude of individuals like Dan Husk that we as a Chaplaincy department have rose above the norm to a level of excellence.

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Tim Gagnon is doing the art of JESUS it will hang in the Chapel.

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