The Privett, Morris, and Sandlin Family

Photo's below were provided by my cousin Patty Sue ( Privett) Cook wife of Virgil Dean Cook who passed away in 1974.

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This is Alison Esreick Privett husband of Caroline Helton. He is the father of George Washington Privett below.

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Middle photo: Is the family of George Washington Privett and Cynthia Emaline (Emma) Morris. the children are: Martha Jane Privett, Alison Privett, Junior Privett, John Privett, Elizabeth (Bessie) Privett, William Bill Privett, James Canada Privett, Ethel Privett, Sallie Privett, Theodore (Ted) Privett and George Fenley Privett. The other two are about Cynthia's parents Vincent William Sr. Morris and Jenny Jane Sandlin and the family that Cynthia came from. Wow! what a family.