The Privett, Morris, and Sandlin Family


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Thomas Morris a brother to Cynthia Emaline (Emma) Morris and his wife Helen Marcum.

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On the white horse is Theodore (Ted) Privett Sr. and on the dark horse is George Fenley Privett. they are brothers to my (Gloria Jean Powers grand mother Martha Jane Privett).

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This is the family of Patty Sue Privett, First: George Thomas (Tom) Privett, Jean Marie Privett, Betty Joanne Privett and Patty Sue Privett. Middle:  George Fenley Privett and wife Audrey Goodman and Betty Joanne Privett in the center and Patty Sue Privett on her fathers lap. Last: is George Fenley Privett and Patty Sue Privett.

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Patty Sue Privett and Gloria Jean Powers when Patty stopped by for a visit. While here she stopped to see one of her son's that lives near by.