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I Thank  Jack Howison of Beaufort, SC. for "The Morning Glory" vine pictures.

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Good Morning 9-23-10 (FALL)

WOW....WOW....WOW....WOW!!! Last night and this morning were absolutely wonderful!!! 

The Full Moon with Jupiter close by, the Sun precisely over the Equator at 11:09 PM EDT (Fall began), The "Harvest Moon" over the River last night, the Moonset this morning, the Morning Glories with Bumble Bees and finally, a brilliant Sunrise......I'm in OVERLOAD!!!!!

I apologize for so many photos but between last night and this morning I took 178 shots and had a tough time selecting the ones to send you this morning (these are just this morning's)......I'll send a few from last night later.....OK??

The first photo shows the Moon in high clouds and the second shows Jupiter's proximity to the Moon while shows Jupiter just before it set in the trees to the West!! 

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The next photos are the Moon just before it plunged into the trees......WOW!!

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The clouds, the colors, the fishermen, the Sun, the EMPTY NEST, the Morning Glories and Bumble Bees rounded out a very exciting Daybreak for me.......did I say....WOW!!!

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PS:  I hope Henrietta is in Daytona by now....she wasn't in the nest last night or this morning??  Have fun "Little Lady"!!!

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Happy Thursday!! Jack Howison Beaufort, SC

Good Morning 9-24-10

The Morning Glories and Bumble Bees FLYING.......WOWZEWEE ( I'm using Carolyn Helton's words since I ran completely out of my exclamatory words)!!!!!  THANKS Carolyn!!!

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It took a little while to figger it out but I managed to get some COOL "Stop Action" shots of the Bumble Bees flying around our Morning Glories.......check their wings out.....perfectly still.....WOW....AMAZING!!! 

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Happy Friday!!

Good Morning 9-26-10 

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Happy Sunday!! Jack Howison - Beaufort, SC

Good Morning 9-28-10 

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The Morning Glories are fewer and fewer not opening wide until the Sun actually hits was around 8:00 when it made it over the clouds today...... Happy Tuesday!! Jack Howison - Beaufort, SC

Good Morning 9-29-10

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As for today.....YUK!!! Not much to see here today......Happy Wednesday!!

Good Morning 9-30-10

Once again we have heavy clouds left over from the storm that drenched S. Florida and now Eastern NC!!  We only got 1.2" of rain out of this one but the clouds continue to block the Sun....tomorrow promises to be much nicer....we'll see??

Lindy (a member in Savannah, GA) commented the other day about the light at Brickyard Landing and it's reflection looking like a cross and I have to say she is right!!  I took the first three shots in practically no light and it does resemble a cross!!  Good eye there Lindy!!

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The Spanish Moss was blowing around again today! 

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mos2.jpg (367980 bytes) mos3.jpg (298850 bytes) mos5.jpg (332918 bytes)

The poor Morning Glories are reaching the end of their road!!

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Happy Thursday!!

Good Morning 10-8-10 

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Some of you asked about the Morning Glories......well, they are pretty puny as you can see......another growing season is over!! Happy Friday!!

Good Morning 10-9-10

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And finally.........the last photo may be the very last Morning Glory......maybe??

Happy Saturday!!

Good Morning 10-14-10

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The Morning Glories are HISTORY........see ya again next year!!?? Happy Thursday!! 

I added the second Morning Glory picture that was sent also on a Thursday.

Good Morning 10-21-10 

 From the looks of things....I'd say the Morning Glories are HISTORY!! Happy Thursday!!

Jack Howison Beaufort, SC

Jack THANK YOU! for the BEAUTIFUL trip through the Morning Glories....

The day started a bit better here on the Gulf at St. George Sound with a blinding sunrise across the Bay. As Danny left for his work at the prison he called from the car to ask me to get a picture of it. As if I didn't have enough already after 16 years of living here. So I took one from the front porch then walked over to the other side of the road to get one with two dead trees in it. The glare was so bright off the water it looked like the bushes were on fire.

mgfl49.jpg (560797 bytes) mgfl50.jpg (322412 bytes)

Hi ALL! I wanted to say this has been a GREAT JOURNEY! I want to THANK Jack for allowing me to follow and record on my web some of  his early morning adventures. He has a WONDERFUL way of viewing and recording God's Great Creations! 

"Jack" You helped bring back some WONDERFUL Memories of my Grandparents and their old homestead in the BEAUTIFUL Hill's of West Virginia.

Thank You again Jack! & God Bless You and Yours.

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