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I Thank  Jack Howison of Beaufort, SC. for "The Morning Glory" vine pictures.

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Good Morning

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Another beauty this morning with Sun rise in the Morning Glory Vine!!

Happy Saturday!!

Good Morning 9-5-10

The Morning Glory vine finally produced a bloom!!! Happy Sunday!! 

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Good Morning 9-8-10

There were only a few Morning Glories open when I came back in but I managed to get a pretty good shot of one of them....... Happy Wednesday!! CUTE HUH!!

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Good Morning 9-9-10

The Morning Glories are doing better with lots of buds on the vine!! Happy Thursday!!

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Good Morning 9-10-10

The Morning Glories are looking better......notice the buds!!  There are literally hundreds on the vine ready to bloom......they unfurl completely in about an hour as it gets light each morning......neat!! Happy Friday!!

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Good Morning 9-11-10

The Morning Glories are getting more numerous every day!! Happy Saturday!!

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Good Morning 9-12-10

The Morning Glories continue to multiply and open in less than an hour every morning!! Happy Sunday!!

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Good Morning 9-13-10 

Notice the Morning Glories in the first two photos.....about an hour passed between the two photos and the flowers were almost completely open.....fascinating!!  Pretty soon there will be hundreds of them on the vine....stay tuned!! Happy Monday!!

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Good Morning 9-14-10 

The Morning Glories are getting more numerous daily!! Happy Tuesday!!

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Good Morning 9-15-10 

The Morning Glories are getting more and more numerous. 

Happy Wednesday!!

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Good Morning 9-16-10

Happy Thursday!!

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Good Morning 9-17-10

 The Morning Glories Happy Friday!!

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Good Morning 9-18-10 

Happy Saturday!!

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Good Morning 9-19-10

Happy Sunday!!

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Good Morning 9-20-10

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The Morning Glories are gettin more numerous as are the Bumble Bees gathering pollen from them.......Happy Monday!!

Good Morning 9-21-10

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Happy Tuesday!!

Good Morning 9-22-10

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Henrietta watched me as I came in from the dock to photograph the Bumble Bees playing in the numerous Morning Glories....."HAPPY CRITTERS".....all of us!!!! Happy Wednesday!!

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