This Butterfly is Free, to be With Thee

Kim's Mother Barbara Biles her self is now battling the same cancer her daughter Kim passed away with. From Left to Right: Barb & brother Danny; Barb; Barb; Barb & one of their sister's Peggy. All taken when Danny went to visit Barb when he was told of her cancer.

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Barb and her mother Mildred Husk at the nursing home in May 2004.

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On a visit to Florida to see her brother Danny, Barb looks out to sea in wonder, not knowing what the next few years have in store for her. God be with her!


One tiny tear she shed that day
As she closed her eyes and sped away

To go home to the Angels in the sky
Left me behind to cry and ask why

Why did you go
With so much left to do

While I stayed here just wondering
Who would hold me together

And help ease the pain
And convince me I had something to gain

By staying behind
Looking for a purpose in life to find

When I realized the one she went to see
Was the one that gave her to me

"From Barb Biles about my daughter Kim"

A Wilderness Called Peace
When hearts are broken and
emotions are shattered
We move into a Wilderness
where in time we feel
that nothing mattered
We blocked out our hurt
We cried with
such terrible pains
Then we move on, we work, we play
We live in our wilderness
 We live with our gains
We're smug, we're arrogant
never content
walking in a wilderness
we've built and called peace
Each tree, each bush
a pain put away and forgotten
Pushed to the reserves of our mind
More crowded, more crowded
as we walk through our time
As we grow older and face our end
we realize we'll never walk this path again
 We've done nothing more than
compromise and given
our days
to live in a wilderness we've called our place
A wilderness called peace

by: Barbara J. Biles
August 25, 2002