Husk & Husk Related Family Photo's

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First: Warren and Betty had three children.  He served in WWII where he was reported MIA and presumed dead.  Unable to care for the children, Betty placed Michael and Sheila in a children's home in Parkersburg, WVa. and sent Paul to be raised by Warren's sister, Artie and Wash McGraw.  (I noticed Paul is already listed as one of Artie's children.  Warren and Betty are his
actual birth parents.)  Warren later turned up at a POW camp.  After he returned home, he divorced Betty.  He and Michael moved to Akron, Ohio where he worked in the blimp hangar at Goodyear Aerospace and then as a roofer for Kenmore Construction.  After he retired, he became a minister; Next:
Pvt. Warren Husk 1944; Last: Warren on the right with Mike and Judy in the middle and another woman named Rose on the left.  Rose was Warren's girlfriend in his later years.

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The first four are Mike and or Mike & Judy; Last:  Mike, Warren & Paul Husk

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First: John Alden (Bud) Husk & 2nd. wife Marguerite (Maggie) Johnson;  Next:  Marguerite (Maggie) Johnson second wife of John Alden (Bud) Husk in above photo she was previously married to Arthur A. Dye. Next: John Alden (Bud) Husk's son Kevin Husk and his wife Deborah Joyce (Debbie) Warren and their daughter Milissa Ann Husk.