Husk & Husk Related Family Photo's

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1. Isaac Husk husband of  Sarah Jane Critchfield & Catherine Wright Evans

2. Oliver (Oly) Husk,  Absalom Husk and John Everly Husk a son of Absalom Husk

3. Absalom Husk and wife Eliza Jane (Lisa) West

4. Lena Husk daughter of  (Isaac Husk & Sarah Jane Critchfield) and her husband Levi Smith and children Ernest & Nettie Smith. Nettie is said to have married a man by the name of Hedrick. 


The son of Isaac Husk 1818 - 1902 & Sarah Jane Critchfield 1825 - 1890

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Samuel Austin Husk and Pheobe Critchfield/Tuttle Husk Family

Front, left to right: Samuel Austin Husk, Pheobe Critchfield/Tuttle Husk, Rosa Husk Burke, Bertha Husk Grabeal, Ersel Husk, Bessie Husk Mace, Minnie Husk Husk, Mary Husk Bryner.

(Photo From Courtesy of Bob Weaver)

The family Listed at Generation #2 Samuel Husk Sr.


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Edna Jean Duskey & Viola (Ollie or Ola) Carpenter; Viola (Ollie or Ola) Carpenter and Edna Jean Duskey & friend Marvin Waldbeser. 

Photo's above provided by: Edna Jean Duskey & friend Marvin Waldbeser who has been helping her with her family research.