HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Tallahassee

Friday April 23, 2004

Danny's case worker just called and said the Dr. had seen Danny and that he was doing GREAT but that they want him to stay there another week as it looks right now. She said Danny was in therapy and she hadn't told him yet. Danny had a good attitude about the whole thing the other day when he said the didn't want to be bothered while doing it all and for us to stay home during the week and he would call. But! now tomorrow is his birthday and he wants his computer to try working it, and said to don't go getting anything else for his birthday, only his computer.

I hope Danny in his own mind wasn't set on getting out in just one week and gets upset when they tell him. He called a bit ago but I never said a thing because they were going to talk to him about it. He also had picked up in the tone of my voice and asked "was there something wrong or what?" I just told him I had the day wrong about his birthday, that I thought it was Sunday and that was why he had said to start with for us to don't come up till then.

Well now Danny called and said he has the rest of the afternoon off so could I go ahead and come on up.

I got to the rehab and Danny was in speech therapy, and was doing fine when he got back, about that time Johnny had come on up to visit for a bit. before going back to South Carolina.

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Danny & Johnny GOOFING  OFF changing glasses. Below: JUST CHILLING OUT!!

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Then Floyd and Karin got there from Augusta Ga. to visit for a while and in the morning before leaving to go on to Jacksonville Fl. to visit their son and family.  

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Danny, Floyd, Johnny and Karin 

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Danny just had to finally  get me in the picture & BLESS HIS HEART Johnny changed a tire for me before he left today when I found it was flat as I took some things to the car. I left shortly after Johnny did so I could get some NEW TIRES, I got them and went back to see Danny for just a little bit because I was just a couple of miles from him. 

Johnny's GIFT TO HIS DAD; It looks crooked because I took the picture sideways to cut the glare on the glass.

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