The Heart Center, Capital Regional Medical Center
Sunday March 28, 2004
At 3:00 AM Sat/Sun night I got a call that Danny's blood pressure had dropped again below the level that it should be, so I was off and running again. By the time I reached the hospital they had gotten it back up. But they let me stay with him anyway, I stayed for about two or so hours until the stainless stool started to get to uncomfortable and my back was hurting, so I went back to the waiting room to rest.
Richie and family went back in again to see Danny before they left to go back home and Richie said a tear came in his eye as he told his dad he loved him and for him to get better soon so he could come home. 
I went back in checking on him every two hours or so. They had already taken him off of some drip bags and cut dosage of others in half, they had also starter a slow feeder of a white liquid nourishment.
Also: Today I was talking to the nurse about playing gospel music for him, because he watches and listens to preaching and all like that he can plus reading the Bible all of the time. She turned the TV to a Christian channel which had preaching on it at the time. The preacher was saying something about people and their problems and that we need healing in our lives. At that time I spoke up and said "and problem we need healing for is you and your heard so you can get back home to us all".
You can call it what you want BUT! at that very moment Danny wiggled his Finger's and his Toe's and rolled his head.
The point being he hadn't made a move like that before that moment or after SO! was it a "GOD THING" or just a "COINCIDENCE" ???
Monday March 29, 2004
Hi All! I got up at 2:30 AM last night NO FAULT OF DANNY this time it was me I ate as all had said I should yesterday evening and ended up with acid reflux and couldn't go back to sleep so I went on up to the hospital and I just got back at 1:45 PM. I'm beat.
Danny was rejecting the liquid nourishment so with him in the induced coma his stomach doesn't know what to do with food so the Dr. had to give med's to wake the stomach up so it can know there is food there that it has to deal with. Also the Dr. said another 48 hours in the coma then they will see. They don't waste time on their billing either, in today's mail a bill for over $17,000.00 "with a (0) balance to Pay".
At 8:25 PM I just called the hospital and the nurse said he is still doing good and for me to try and stay put and get some rest and stay well for when Danny get out and comes home, "GOD I PRAY THAT BE THE CASE".
Tuesday March 30, 2004
Good Morning All, Thank God! I got a full night sleep for a change other than for one trip to the bathroom and went right back to sleep. This thing of three hours a night just wasn't getting it. WELL! off to the hospital again! I cant help it I have got to be there and see Danny even if it is a long drive. Hey! after 40 years come June Lord willing you kind of become ONE!
I got to the hospital about 10:30 AM and talked to Danny a bit and believe you me I'm not much of a talker only I more or less get to the point and I'm done. I had to turn the TV back to a Christian channel, if he for sure can hear he must have been fit to be tied (which he already was) it was on the (E) channel! YUK! 
I did something today that I hadn't done at all till now. I was in a hurry to see him and I brought my tote bag into ICU instead of leaving it in the waiting room. As a result one of the cell phone's rang and it was a dear Preacher/Teacher friend of ours from Good News Ministries in California. 
As soon as I saw and heard it was he I told her I was going to hold the phone to Danny's ear so she could Pray for him. As she was Praying he started to wiggle  around a bit and when she was done then I took the phone to thank her and tell he good by, when I looked back there were "TEAR'S" coming from Danny's eyes. I know you may be thinking "YEH SURE" well it was real because his eyes haven't run the whole time I have been there as a matter of fact they have kept a kind of salve on them to keep them from drying out. On top of all of that of all days to wear it I had on the Good News Ministries T-Shirt. 
As for Danny's progress he started out with about 12 drop bags now he is down to 5 drop bags plus he has a water and nourishment feeder tube. The nourishment he is now working for him and he is now breathing on his own, and hour by hour they are turning down the things in the 5 drip bags to slowly get him off of these things. They said the throat tube will more than likely come out tomorrow. I'll call later and check on him before I go to bed.
Another thing today was, after I had stayed with Danny till by back started to hurt I told the nurse that if they needed me I would be in the car where I could get some peace and quiet from the waiting room it is to me like a mad house in it. Anyway she said no your not come here and I'll get you a chair, so she got one of the hospital lounge chairs. So because of that I stayed there in ICU with him ALL DAY till time to leave so I would be home by dark which I just made because I stopped at the store for some food (YES FOOD, I'M EATING) Thank You ALL!
Wednesday March 31, 2004
The only change from yesterday so far is that Danny is back on backup air, his part of the air was 95% when I left late this afternoon. I had to leave a bit early today so I could get back to my bank to get some money out and try to get started on the monthly bills. 9:00 PM, I just got off the phone with the nurse and there is no real change other than he is starting to pass from his body a little more of the fluid that has had him so swollen. While I was there this morning someone called to the nurse to check his dry weight and it was 185 lb. but they didn't ask for the extra water weight build up weight. Oh! I forgot the cool thing about it was the bed has a built in scale.
Thursday April 1, 2004
There is really not that much of a change in Danny. He was doing a lot of wiggling, squirming, rolling of his head and eyes around day today but is still out of it due to the med's. This afternoon they were going to cut a spot on his side to run a tube it to suck out excess water buildup from inside his body. I got there early this morning and stayed until about 1:30 this afternoon, It started getting to me to bad just sitting there watching him going through all of those gyrations, I just couldn't take it anymore and had to leave. I know at this point the med's have him feeling no pain (BUT BOY DO I FEEL IT) watching him.
Friday April 2, 2004
I got to the hospital at 8:30 this morning to find there was no change, I stayed with Danny for a while then went to the waiting room while they did some more work on him, cleaning and replacing tapes and such. A little while the phone rang and the nurse said the Dr. wanted to see me. I went back into ICU and was informed that they wanted to do a (Tracheotomy) on Danny Monday so they can take the tube out of his throat. I said to the nurse that it looks like he was still going to be going through this for another week or so, she kind of rolled her eyes and whispered "Yes Mrs. Husk he is a Very, Very sick man". 
I reminded her that Danny had a living will, she said "he did! does the Dr. know this?" I told her "Yes he knows I reminded him last week" so she started looking in his 3 inch pile of a folder and found it. She gave it a once over and said " all is in place". All I can do is "PRAY" that the Lord isn't ready for him yet "But I know he is ready when the time
Saturday April 3, 2004
Well today was another day THANK GOD. Danny started out the day with the wiggling, squirming and rolling back & fourth again. By noon when I went in to see him they had given him more med's to make him rest better. One of our sons Johnny came down and stopped to visit with his dad before coming on down to the house.
Sunday April 4, 2004
At this noon time Johnny called and said Danny is still doing about the same, but at the same time seems to recognize the fact that Johnny is there and reading the Bible to him and a tear came in his eye again. He will have the (Tracheotomy) tomorrow at about 2:00 PM. It's kind of a good thing Johnny came when he did because I started getting a cold last night and couldn't carry that back to ICU to Danny. So I stayed home with one of our grandson's Garret Ryan Husk son of Danny Jr. who came down with his Uncle Johnny but is only age 9 and to young to go in ICU. He also has the sniffles. Johnny just got back and said they had given Danny two units of blood while he was there. I called back up there to find out why they were giving it to him. They said it was to make up for what was lost during surgery and the little that is still being lost in the chest cavity and also the fact that he is not getting the nourishment he needs to rebuild the blood on his own.

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Garret Husk

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Johnny Husk

Monday April 5, 2004
BOY!! what a time to catch a cold & now I have a sore throat. I just called the hospital and the nurse said Danny is running a bit of a fever so they are going to start him on another med to try and control it, other than that he is about the same. Johnny woke this morning all stuffed up also and they are leaving today to go back to South Carolina. 
I just called the hospital at 3:00 PM and the nurse said Danny is still in surgery, I had wondered if they would even do it because he was running a fever! I just called the hospital at 5:00 PM and Danny is back in ICU and the nurse will call back when there is time. 
BOY! this is a bummer having a cold and can't go to see Danny the past two days, and the way I feel right now I still won't go tomorrow either, at least Johnny had got to go when I couldn't, but now he has gone back home. 
I just called the hospital at 8:00 PM and the nurse said Danny had the (Tracheotomy) and chest tube for drainage and is in stable condition, also he is still in the coma state. I asked him if on the chance Danny could hear to Please tell him "I  love him and that I have a cold and can't come up there until I'm over it." he said he would tell him. I just PRAY he really can hear and know.
Tuesday April 6, 2004
As of 8:00 and 10:00 this morning there is no change in Danny from last night and I still have this cold or flu to bad to be up there. All I can do is call and get the same answer (holding the same). 
While I have been home I have been about to go nuts not being able to even be near Danny so I have been working on his web pages . I added pages of the Prayers & Notes  that everyone has been sending. 
God this cold has to break soon! On the other hand everyone was telling me I should have been staying home more to save myself for when Danny comes home. Well! maybe this was Gods way of getting the message to me, Like a mule I had to be hit between the eyes, if so "OK" he got my "ATTENTION". 
Thought's and Prayer's

As I sit and look around, This lonely house without a sound.

How ones life can change, And all the emotion's what a range.

Everything I see and do, Reminds me ALWAYS of you.

I try to figure what went wrong, Because you have been gone so long.

I pray that God will touch your soul, Turn things around and make you whole.


Gloria Jean Powers Husk - Tuesday April 6, 2004


Wednesday April 7, 2004

At 9:30 I called the hospital and there is no change in Danny. The nurse said there was no way I could see him being as sick as I am not even with a mask. 

You know Danny went into the hospital within a month to the day that he had his first open heart surgery on his birthday April 24, 1985. Now it looks as if he is still going to be in the hospital on this one coming up. Danny will be 60 on his next birthday and we have been together our whole lives it seems, June 29th will be 40 years that is a long time to be a part of one persons life these days. 

I just PRAY GOD will let him come back to us. Danny had suffered with this heart condition for half of his life. He is such a powerful force in everyone's life around him. 


Living on the Edge

These are dark and lonely days, As I wonder in a haze.

So many days he wondered about, Not knowing how to take the right route.

So undecided in his mind, Searching for answers he could not find.

Looking to the LORD, And the reading of his word.

He hoped to find the answer there, To go or stay he knew not where.

One day he thought he had the answer true, But the results he never knew.

There in a hospital bed he lye, Not knowing if he'll live or dye.

The only thing I have to say, Is that the LORD will have his way.

Gloria Jean Powers Husk - April 7, 2004


At 2:30 PM I called the hospital and still nothing new to report. I just spoke to the nurse at 8:45 PM and she said Danny's blood pressure is staying in the 90's and he still has a drainage tube in his side and fluid on the lungs that they are still have to deal with and that they still can't bring him out of the med's yet because he is still to sick and needs to stay quiet. I asked her to tell him that I was sounding like an old BULL FROG and I LOVED HIM and would be back up there as soon as I'm not a danger to others.

Thursday April 8, 2004

As of 10:00AM this morning I'm still getting the same answer NO CHANGE in Danny. GOD when are we going to get a break in this!

I  just got a call from a nurse at Danny's heart Dr's office checking on how Danny was doing. She said it is the normal thing to keep someone like Danny in the Med Coma for his own good so he can have more time to heal and give his heart a chance to catch up to all that was done to it and his body. At this time he is being looked after real good and is in stable but guarded condition because he was so bad off. 

I have been told by some that due to his condition it is a wonder that he hadn't had a full blown heart attack that would have taken his life right then.

As for me I'm still hanging in there with this Flu, now I hurt all inside from all of the coughing I have been doing.

The hospital still has Danny resting as usual & holding his own. I just spoke to the nurse at 11:00 PM and she said Danny is doing good and that when she told him I was sick he had tears coming from his eyes, so it would seen that he is aware of things going on around him at times. 

You know that is funny because I had just written Betty Jones back today about me having the flu saying "Hi Betty, It is TOUGH & I wonder that if Danny can hear, how worried he must be at this time also because he is so protective of me at times, he can get almost smothering." But! I like it that he cares though. Good Night ALL!

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