The Heart Center, Capital Regional Medical Center

You know I'm SORRY for not thinking of it before but if anyone wanted to sent cards or something the address is: Danny L. Husk, 114 Arizona Street, Carrabelle, Florida, 32322-9035
PRAYERS Sent by many.

Danny's had been having trouble with his heart again and surgery has finally been scheduled. Well! it look as if they got their duck's in a row now if nothing else comes up. Danny checks in at about 10:00 AM tomorrow (Wednesday March 24th 2004) and surgery will be at 7:15 AM Thursday March 25th 2004 at The Heart Center, Capital Regional Medical Center

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This was taken the day Danny went to the hospital.

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It was 19 years ago April 24, 1985 that Danny woke up to a double By-Pass at the age of 41. At that time he had suffered a heart attach while at the Augusta Masters Golf Tournament 

 Thursday March 25, 2004 
Danny left to go to surgery at 7:00 AM this morning. They ended up doing a double off of a (Y) shaped vain instead of the one they thought at first. I didn't get to see Danny until about noon, along with a dear friend Mike Hughes who was there to visit for a while. Danny was out of it at that time but we saw him anyway, so just maybe he could know someone was with him.
The nurse had to give him a shot to knock him out because he was coming around to soon. You would really have to know the crazy guy Danny to understand why they had to keep him under. He is always SHOUTING PRAISES TO THE LORD.
They put Danny in a medically induced coma with Deprivan or Manipulation Under Anesthesia or M.U.A.
 The nurse said due to me having only two hours sleep in the past twenty four hours that he would be fine and I needed to go home and get some rest. I will return to the hospital in the morning unless they call me in first.
 March 25, 2004 7:00 PM: I just got to talk to Danny on the phone in ICU. He still sounds groggy and a bit of a sore throat from the tube they had in it. He told me to stay home and take care of his "Boy's" (Poodle's Critter & C. J.) then come back up tomorrow. Thank God all seems to be OK!
Friday March 26, 2004 
WELL!! everyone after I got home last night and did the update I called to check on Danny before I went to bed. They had already taken the tube out of his throat after I left so they took a cell phone to him and he was able to talk for a little bit telling me he loved me and to take care of his boys in telling him I loved him back I got "NO I LOVE YOU MORE" "TAKE CARE & GET SOME REST". Rest "WHAT IS THAT"?? Things were fine as they could be at that point. 
Then at about 4:45 AM I get a call that his blood pressure is dropping and I need to get back up to the hospital as soon as possible "But be careful in doing so". I rushed on up with an hour and a half to think about what the heck was going on. When I got to the hospital a male nurse met me at the ICU door and took me to the nurses lounge and proceed to tell me what he himself had done for Danny in trying to get him stable and to wait while he gets the Dr..
WELL! by this time I'm picturing Dr. shows on TV and where I am at that moment in time is not a good sign at all. I sit writing down an account of things so far in a note pad. About that time in walks not one BUT two Dr. and a floor nurse and the male nurse. 
The Dr. proceeds to tell me as Paul Harvey says "THE REST OF THE STORY". At about 4:00 AM Danny started to show disturbing signs and all the while they were trying to get them under control, then by about 4:30 he started to crash, at that point one of the Dr's pulled at his blue scrub shirt top saying "Danny was at 4:30 AM this morning March 26, 2004 turning that color just before the point of "FLAT-LINE".
They thought he may have internal bleeding so the rushed him back to surgery and found nothing except fluid in his lung so the pumped it out and brought him back to ICU where he continued to do poorly the rest of the day.
His blood pressure dropped low enough that they called me back in twice to stay by his side, while there with him he was aggravated and having what looked like epilepsy and was hooked up to everything in the world. They also brought in at that time am EKG machine and for one part of the test they had to lower his heart rate from 150 to about 125 to 130 which they did with a shot in one of the IV tubes.
I saw Danny again after shift change at 8:00 PM by that time they had gotten him stabilized and given him mussel relaxer's to calm the trimmers he was having. I gave the nurse both cell phone numbers so if I was on the road they could get me. Then I came on home it is now 11:30 and I still haven't stopped.
Saturday March 27, 2004
About 1:00 AM one of our sons Richie and family came down from S. C. to visit for the weekend and see his Dad for himself. They had stopped by the hospital before they came on down to the house. I got up and went back to the hospital about 5:00 AM.
Danny was holding his own at this time and looking pretty good and an uneventful day of rest for a change. But before I left the hospital a little early at 4:00 PM I saw and spoke to two Dr's, Heart and Kidney they also said that he was holding his own as it is now "BUT HE ISN'T OUT OF THE WOOD'S YET". They said that they would like to keep him sedated like he is now for 2 to 4 more days to give his body some time to start to heal.
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Top: Richie & Family. Bottom: Richie & his mother Gloria.

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