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Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is believed to have come from Spain and the term "cocker" came from the dog's use in hunting Woodcock. There are two types of modern day Cocker Spaniel. One is the English Cocker Spaniel and the other is the American Cocker Spaniel. Both breeds share similar coats and have a similar appearance, however the English version of the breed tends to be larger and more sturdy. Both breeds were also used to hunt woodcocks in their respective countries. Today the Cocker Spaniel is a popular family pet and is distinguishable by its medium length, wavy coat and its large, long-hanging ears.


From their add I found the most BEAUTIFUL little puppies you ever saw! Below are two others.

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Speckles - Born: November 30, 2010

I had been looking for a little friend for for CJ who is going on 13 years old. He has never been alone until his little Daddy Critter died and I have been so worried about him the way he has been acting, just so sad most of the time and can't half hear and has more or less night blindness, I thought it would do him a world of good to have a friend to help him get around when he may need it more. 

I found the link above and checked it out, then sent an e-mail that night because it was to late to call, but the next morning just after 9 AM I called. That day after Danny got home we went 75 miles up Quincy to take a look and pay for the little black & white one. By Florida Law they couldn't leave the breeder until the day of or after 1/25/2011 following their eight week checkup. 

One Happy/Sad note to this is, that as I was getting the card above out to scan it for Speckles page I saw at the top of his Dr. record card that he was born three months to day that we had to put our little Critter to sleep. Out of all of the puppies I had looked at online "What is the chance of that?". "? A meant to be God Thing!!"

The day had come to go pick him up, we were to have been their about 5 PM after Danny got home from work and go up. Well the excitement of it all got the best of him and he took off that day. Of all days to make a trip like that it was raining cat's & dog's. 

Danny called the house to let them know we were on the way but got no answer and of all things didn't leave a message. " Mr. Finelli said later he had been out tending to the other dog's they have and wasn't able to hear or get the phone". We got their way to early and with no phone answer we thought they were still at the Dr.. So after a bit of sitting outside the gate and the guard dog's watching us with eagle eye's as they should, there was Mr. Finelli coming out under an umbrella and told us his wife would be back with the litter about 1:00/1:30 and to come back then. Apologizing to him for showing up early we left and went to Wal-Mart to kill some time. Later we got a call that they were home and that the baby was ready.

As we got back to the house there was Mrs. Finelli waiting with the baby in hand after a bit we took him and she went back into the house for his papers and some food that they feed them. As we started to leave I thought I could see a bit of a tear start to form in her eye's and I reminded her that she can always as long as I'm able check on him here on his web page.

 As we left there was a bit of a fuss out of him for about five minuets, then he gave a big yon and fell asleep in my lap while nibbling on Danny's fingers. He slept for a while and was up playing and climbing around. He found his way behind my neck/shoulders and went to sleep again. after waking up that time he wanted down in the floor so I let him down and there is where that little guy stayed at least half of the way back home.

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After getting home CJ was curious about him but wanted nothing to do with him yet so he played with some of the toy's we had for the boy's. Our other boys were never ones to tear the tags off of things BUT! now I'm having to take them off because this little boy is chewing them. Later he had a fight with the bear.

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After his fight with the bear he was tired and tried to find where he wanted to sleep. after everyone took a nap they all got in the big chair to watch TV.

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Before going to bed for the night he had to snuggle with the monkey and nap at my feet while I was on the computer.

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1/26/2011 The night went well, better than expected, I kept him in my room. I made him a bed with toy's by mine but he was determined he wasn't staying in it, he wanted up with me. He did really good , he woke me up a couple of times and I took him out once during the night. He also while making this web for him has stayed at my feet.

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This morning I managed to catch CJ warming up to him just a bit enough to go running all over barking at him. But when CJ got tired of it and had enough he jumped up in my lap while still working on this web.

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1/30/2011 Things with CJ & Speckles changes day by day. CJ will now play with him a bit but without much personal touch yet. 

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Speckles is learning to go out potty with CJ.

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After their outing they came back into the house and CJ was looking out the window and Speckles wanted to see what he was doing so I helped him up in the chair. While cleaning the floor I though Speckles would be scared of the vacuum but he wasn't at all. later they had a little more play time.

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A few more taken between February 1 through 9, 2011 CJ and Speckles are getting closer.

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The first two were taken about Valentine Day 2011. While playing with a Leather Chewy Stick it fell down the grate and I had to take tie grate  up to get the stick out for him because he could see it and wouldn't stop trying to get it. The last two were taken about March 05, 2011 out on the front step's of our house.

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March, 2011, Speckle's likes playing on the bouncer. 

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April, 2011, Speckle's Then I put the cover on it for them to play and sleep.

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Taken this morning May 10, 2011 Speckle's is growing like a weed and spoiled rotten. He's getting all of his longer different kinds of hair, soft fluffy, curly, wavy and silky. He has the biggest loveable sad eyes. He is now just an inch from being as tall as our CJ. and is a great help with CJ. loosing his hearing and sight. OH! I pulled out three of his loose baby teeth last week.

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Well! Speckles is a big boy now at 7 months old and I have been trying not to think about cutting Speckles because his coat is so soft and fluffy but it has gotten so hot out he can hardly stand to be outside long. So I gave in and today June 7, 2011 I gave our baby his first hair cut. I had been trying a few times to hold the clippers next to him on his back and head and he would have a fit. To start with today I put a loose leash around his neck and he was ok with that. When I turned on the clippers he acted like a mad dog twisting and thrashing. All the while the clippers were running. I picked him up onto the stand petted and talked to him as he started to calm a bit. I then put the clippers to his head and cut a patch of hair for him to see while still talking to him. Well as you can see we came out sort of ok for the first time cutting a cocker, I have cut our poodle's for the past 16 years, sure has saved a lot of money. Row 1 before cut. Row 2 after cut.

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August 14, 2011 A few more shots of the Boy's. They have been to the Dr. in the past two for their check up and shots. Speckles is good for a year and CJ the old man of 14 years goes back in 6 months. I also had an ID In-plant put in Speckles.

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Their Dr. is: (Dr. Hobson Fulmer) www.abac.vetsuite.com

187 Hwy 98 W. PO Box 685 Eastpoint, FL 32328

December 12, 2011

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Christmas is almost here and Speckles has made it through his first birthday and another of many hair cuts. This morning I woke to find him sleeping at the end of the bed with his buddy CJ, he sure makes a soft pillow.  

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