Going back to at least to about 1981 we have had three pet's. The first of these three was a Brittany Spaniel such as this one taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brittany_(dog)

We named him Skipper because he bounced and skipped all over the place when we got him he was only five weeks old. His Mom, Dad, Sister's and Brother's looked like the one above. Our Skipper was an ODD DUCK he was all honey color except for a white area on his chest. He had this stuffed dog that he liked and slept with.

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A friend of our son had cut down a tree and come to find out there was a nest of squirrels in it. He brought one of them home no bigger than a mans finger for me to try and save it. I named it Prissy and she grew quite well and would hardly leave my side and it became friends with Skipper.

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As Prissy grew up I would take he out in the yard to the trees as in the first picture. She got used to being out there and one day found a mate and they had a family of their own and all became wild as they should have. I guess I raised her right!

Later on we got an RV and we took trips with Shipper, the last of which was a trip to the beach in Carrabelle Florida where Skipper got to go in the water and roll in the grass. We ended up settling down in at that RV Park. But first we had to make a trip back up to our house in Warrenville, SC. where Shipper passed away and in buried in the back yard.


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His last long trip with us was to Newport Richey, Florida to see our friends the DuMond's at New Years 1994. After that we came back to the RV Park at Lanark Village Florida. In June 1995 we went up to our house in S.C. where he passed away in the back yard where he is buried. I have other pictures packed away but these were the last taken of him within two years of his passing.

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