The building of a back yard pool.

After moving to this over a 100 year old home about 1982. I decided to try and build a 15 ft. in ground pool. I Gloria Husk used landscape timbers, tarp's, lawn edging and a liner. With the help of my son Richard (Richie) Gerald Husk we got it done and it lasted until about 1991. The pool started out with the rail fence around it until I put up a chain link one around the whole yard.

We had moved to Florida after my husband retired. The pool was in  need of repair at the time when Richie took over the house in about 1992, He filled it  in because of lack of funds to repair it at the time. So it has been gone for about 14 years.

The paved street lead into the back dirt ally which always washed out after a hard rain. This was the clean up of that corner at our yard.

Richie told me a few weeks ago that he was going to rebuild it. So now with a little more money and a bit newer design he has brought the old pool back to life. It is the same spot but he enlarged it to 18 ft.. Richie has tried to take pictures   step by step. With the help of family and friends they get to work.


It is unreal to see this pool coming back to life after all this time. The last time this was done was 24 years ago by Richie and I he was 17 and I was 38 now Richie is 41 almost the same age I was the first time it was built.

My grandson Tommy had gotten hold of a big revival tent which was used to line the hole before putting in the pool liner. The lawn edging was nailed to the timbers so the pool liner could be tucked behind the top edge of it. Also the new fencing has been put in place using the existing poles.

With the liner in place it is time to fill the pool.

This has sure brought back a lot of memories seeing Richie and all rebuild this pool area. Thank You ALL for the Memories. I know though it is still a work in progress.