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Hi Gloria, Just read the update on Danny and wanted to let you know that you and Danny are both in our prayers.  May he be well enough to know that we are all out here praying for him, and may you get well soon, so you can be near Danny.

As I read your update and you poems, it brought tears to my eyes. It is so hard to see those that we love so much in pain or hurting.  May Danny grow stronger as each day passes, and you also. God Bless.  May your Easter be Blessed. Much Love, Florence and Chuck


Just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you and Danny...requested prayer for you last night at church.  How are you feeling today?  Hopefully, you're feeling much better.  I check the website daily to see what Danny's status is.  Take Care!

Love, Connie Nelson



I'll be praying for you both. You're welcome, Aunt Gloria!  I hope you are feeling better today. I'll be thinking of you both, how is U. D. today? When you do get to go back to the hospital give him a kiss for me

I love you, Nene


Sure hope Danny has improved some since this notice. I know it has to be so hard on him to continue with the seizures. I will continue to remember him and Gloria in my thoughts and prayers. Keep me posted ok? Love Ya! me. Ray & Roxanne McCreary


Sure hate to hear about your flu...been keeping watch on the updates & forwarding to my email friends...they keep asking about & praying for you all.  Take care sweetie & God Bless you all...our thoughts and prayers are with you.

 Thanks sweetie...take care & give Danny a kiss for me when you see him, or tell the Nurse/Dr. to tell him Charlie, Debbie & family all send their love & to hang in there. Love Ya! Debbie


It's in the Valleys I Grow

I said a prayer for you today....hope things are going better for you and that you are about over your cold.  That has got to be tough, and we pray it will end soon.  I check your site every day, so have been keeping up. 

Love,.  Betty Jones, Click here.    It's in the Valleys I Grow


Gloria, Where Danny is is hard.  He has to make a decision to go or to stay and leaving you is not what he wants to do.  God has given him added days many times.

I felt a lot of guilt because I wasn't at my husband's side the night before he died but I received a message from his spirit and he told me that it was a time when he had to do alone what was before him.  I can tell you that they are never apart from communication with God.

His spirit can always hear you and you can release him to make the choice that he needs to make, not that you have to, but because you want the best for both you and Danny.  He will always watch over you and care for you, but he may be able to do a better job in the other realm than he can in this one.

One of the things my husband said when he was in the state that Danny is in was, " there is one thing I am not going to be and that is a Chicken Farmer."  God gave him 3 more years and sure enough he wasn't a "Chicken Farmer'. I love you.

My Reply was: Hi , Danny is in a coma that the Dr's put him in with Med's to keep him Quiet so he could heal and not be putting stress and strain on his heart so soon because he is in bad shape.

BUT! by no means yet dying he hears them and us at times if not all of the time. When it is his time though he will FREELY GO TO THE LIGHT to be with the LORD.

 Love & Prayers Gloria


I believe the good Lord put us down for awhile with some kind of sickness just so we can rest.  He knows what is best and if we had our way and not get sick why we would be worse off eventually, because we sometimes don't know when to stop.  Now Jesus says, " You will listen to me."  Maybe this is the way GOD is saying I love you, also to Danny. Rest awhile and wait on me and I will renew your strength.   Heavenly Father you have the whole world in your hands and you said if anyone comes to you, you will in no way cast out. I come before you asking your will be done not ours, please Father may this cup pass from Danny give him hope and life again. In your Holy name Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.  Amen

 Heaven Father I also ask in your Son name Please, heal Gloria and give her your strength so she can help Danny through this difficult time.  Amen   Thank You Father I know you listen all the time to your children.  It is always the darkest before the dawn. 

Sincerely, Your Buddy, Anna


Dear Lord, thank you for the successful operation on Marrissa and I pray that Danny will soon be over that hurdle of getting well again and that he can soon get back to being that testimonial for the good works of our Lord who is the healer of all.

Love and Many Prayers for all Shirl


Sorry Gloria, My name is Roxanne. I didn't know Debbie was sharing my notes with you. I always sign love me to my friends. I have corresponded with Danny before he went in for surgery. I live in Terre Haute, Indiana my husband Ray and myself are good friends of Debbie and Charlie. We met them last year during the strawberry festival in Buckhannon. Debbie is quiet a remarkable lady. She is loved greatly. We also met Pam and Mike while we were there. We had a great time. Debbie wrote me when Danny first needed prayers. I have been remembering him in prayers since. Debbie has been keeping me updated pretty well since then. Here is a picture of Ray and myself so you can see who your talking with. Not a very good picture, but you can see us anyway. Do know I am remembering not only Danny but you as well in my prayers for God to touch your lives during this very difficult time. May God Bless and keep you and yours during the Easter Season. Take good care, hugs, Roxanne

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Thank You  Roxanne

Hi Gloria, I do pray things are improving even if slightly with Danny.  Keep up the faith and the good thoughts as I know God is in control of his health. I will continue to pray for those whom are taking care of him each day. I have been praying for your health as well. I can only imagine the agony of not being able to see Danny in person and speak with him. I know the nurses are giving him your love daily. I pray you will soon be well enough to visit him once again. Take good care of yourself and don't over do. I know it is hard when your loved one is ill and you want so much to be with them. You need to take care of you for yourself as well as Danny. Hugs, Roxanne


This is from our oldest son who is unable to be here with his Dad at this time for reasons we won't go into but he wants to be with him very much and God knows his heart.

Hi Mom, I have to let you know that I have people here in church praying for Dad. I'm so sad today about Dad, but I do feel a bit better because I have talked with friends in the church. I know that one day I will see my Dad again. If not here. I will see him there. In heaven. Mom I love you.

Hello, I have been checking in everyday to see how Dad is doing. I'm sad and crying now as I write, I really wish I could see my Dad but my probation and money and time really holds me down. I ask God for my Dad to get better so I can talk to him I do love him. I'm sorry I can not be there. I hurt bad inside. I just want him better. Tell Dad I love him. Happy Easter. Today Christ came back. Maybe today my dad will.

P. S. Son Your Dad Did Come Back Yesterday to be with us on God's SPECIAL DAY!!


Hello Aunt Gloria, Hope you're feeling better by now. Any improvement on U. D. ? I sure pray there is. HAPPY EASTER! Love, Nene


Aunt Gloria, Hi! I wanted to let you know that I am very grateful for your everyday updates on Uncle Dan. He is in our thoughts and prayers. Give him our love when you go see him today. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I know that you wanted to be with him but you have to take care of yourself too. I always let mom know what is going on. Take care and I will wait to read your next update. 

"Love and Prayers" Becky and Mike


So terrible what this poor family is going through, but they know the decision of Danny's well being is up to our great healer and we are all praying that if it be thy will Oh Father, heal Danny and let him be a testimonial of a loving Father who loves us all and heals all, in the name of Jesus we pray for Danny and all others that need prayers, Amen Love & Many Prayers Shirl

Would you send this to Danny and Marissa and their families with all my ,love and prayers for all of them. Shirl


Just got onto your website and was very glad to read the great news about Danny's improvement.  I'm sure you are just overflowing with relief.  Give him our love.  Take care of yourself.  Hopefully, you'll be completely over the "yucks" soon! Connie Nelson

Thanks Sis, YES!! This has been the "GREATEST THING EVER, THANK GOD". 

Sis I hope you don't mind my adding this on here! 

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