Date: 26 February 2004
Summary: QUITE!! Emotionally Breath taking and Humbling.

We saw "The Passion of the Christ" last night. I found it to be QUITE Emotionally Breath taking and Humbling. THANK YOU and may God be with you Mel Gibson for such a truly HEART FELT Experience. There is NO OTHER MOVIE I have seem that can compare.

As a child and all through our lives we are taught how badly Jesus was treated before and on the way to be crucified and it was NEVER shown how bad. You always saw this beautiful clean Jesus with a trickle of blood from his hands, feet and side but NEVER how it would have really been. WOW!! what a movie you talk about looking real. It held me in aw!! and had my husband Danny and a friend Mary a catholic lady crying off and on all the way through it. It may have been bloody but so was what Jesus went through and NO ONE has ever shown it so real before.

For a TRUE BELIEVER it tears at your heart to see what Jesus went through for us ALL. It is beyond me how ANYONE can watch it and not be truly moved. It was mostly QUIET as we all filed out and as I looked around I didn't see a tear one from another person that I looked at and even in the restroom there were about 10 or 12 people and none said a word other than one lady introduced another to someone else as being from her church. The most horrible, can you imagine watching your child being treated that way as Mary had to see. Also it really makes me feel BLESSED that our Father in Heaven had a better purpose in mind as he sent me back from death as a teen, for I was on my way through and to the beautiful warmth of his glow from beyond. That is one experience I THANK GOD for,  for it "CHANGED MY LIFE FOR EVER".

Gloria Powers Husk