Burial was at Floral Hills Cemetery in Quiet Dell.

I want to Thank the family member of the Brookover, Hines, Families who posted their visit to the cemetery on or about May 29, 2006 at http://community.webshots.com/user/bmoore137 for the use of their pictures in advance of receiving some from my family.

The pictures below of the new marker's I received from my sister Debbie. I place the picture of the Amarillo because Daddy liked them so much I bought and sent him one a few years ago. 

daddy12.jpg (195243 bytes)
daddy9.jpg (194860 bytes) amar.jpg (167348 bytes) daddy11.jpg (208491 bytes)
daddy10.jpg (217735 bytes)

I had given my credit card # to my sister Pam to get Daddy some flowers while she was getting hers, she started naming of things that could  make. When she got to an arrangement with deer in it and I told her that's it, I want that in white or a mix there of . 

Not knowing until I told her to stop at the deer, then she told me that our sister Connie had the amusements and the plastic obituary printed up with deer on them also.

I got it all in the mail June 06, 2006 in a big box. I WAS FLOORED, I knew she was sending it, BUT! to see it was something else. "GOD HOW I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE".

I chose the deer because my Dad was an avid deer hunter plus he has a "ten point buck head & feet for gun rack" that his Dad got many years ago.

My sister Debbie had also sent this Family Group picture and zoomed in on  my husband Danny and I.