Miscellaneous Photos

What a GREAT CHRISTMAS photo of (Charles Franklin Moore) grandfather of Don Moore who submitted it to Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants list for viewing.

Among some old family photos is one of my grandfather (Charles Franklin Moore) in front of a Christmas tree as a small child. On the back it says that this was his first Christmas. He was born in Weston on Feb 25 1902. I think he looks more like 22 months old than 10 months old. What do the rest of you think? If it was his first Christmas, then this was 1902, otherwise 1903. At the time the family lived in a little house behind and to the right of what is now the library in Weston. The page below loads a small 180 kilobyte of the picture. There's also a link to a much higher resolution scan (suitable for printing). With the larger photo you can zoom in and get a better look at the decorations on the tree.

The "Original" can be seen at the link below provided by Mr. Don Moore.


It can be viewed here in the "Original" form and in revised edition's.

Click to Enlarge!

A bit of doctoring of the picture was done to bring out more of the detail and cut the foggy look by a couple of list members.  

"Original middle."   "Revised left & right." left is best.

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A Christmas Joy for this family and their little Charles, he looks like a Doll Baby under the tree himself. Isn't that is a most wonderful homemade decoration for the time. I have never seen anything like it and that wallpaper how pretty is must have been.