This Butterfly is Free, to be With Thee

Then on September 11, 1998 Kim passed away from cancer. 

Our cocoon hides a beauty within, waiting for the day to burst out. The beauty of this lady there is no doubt. 

God sent her to spread her wings upon this earth, Her voice to sing for all it's worth.

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A Mothers Last Words To A Child She Loves

As I sat under the tree in the backyard in the dark. I heard myself laughing. It seemed so surreal to me. In the background I heard my sister crying and saying to her husband to
help me or something.  I could hear her but could not grasp it all. I was laughing at my  daughter, Kim. I had left her bedside not five minutes before. 

She was  approximately 50-55 lbs. with her teeth gone, her hair gone. She had one tiny tear in her right eye as the breath left her body. I had just told her it was time to go. I felt I had to give her permission to go to a better place. A place where she would suffer no more. I  held her and told her that we (her family ) had accepted the fact that she had to go. That we would be ok. I think she needed to know that. I also think she needed someone to tell her it was alright to go, that she was not deserting  her post here. 

After I got done I walked to the door and passed my sister, Sandy. She passed me and walked to the bed and called Kim's husband, Jim, to tell him Kim had gone, I heard him crying. As I sat there under the tree I saw my girl, my Kim, darting back and forth behind the big old tree we had sat under when she was able to be outside. She would peek around the right side of the tree and wave and wink at me. 

She was beautiful, her hair was the original blonde, wavy, long, down her shoulders. A beautiful smile, teeth sparkling. She had on a long white dress. After waving a couple of times she smiled and went flying up in the air. Her hair flowing, her dress blowing in the breeze. I laughed with joy as I saw her go. 

I know it was dark, but it seems I recall a blue sky, sunshine, birds singing. It was a symphony of beauty and music. I remember it often and unless I drag the memory of her wasted body to the surface it is the only image of her later years that I recall. I believe with all my heart that was God's reward to me, to tell me he had healed, restored her to her original beauty and His beloved bride was coming home to be with Him for eternity. 

 By: Kim's mother, Barbara J. Biles
 March 27, 2003


By A River She Stands, The Water So Clear 
With Long, Curly Hair Blowing In The Breeze 
She Moves About With Such Grace And Ease

Restored To The Beauty Of Her Youth, 
She Walks Through Gardens, With Rare Flowers, 
Never Seen By Eyes, On This Place Called Earth,
She Walks For Hours

She Dances, She Sings, Like An Angel So Light
No Scars, No Hint Of The Madness, That Took Her Life,
Her Joy's In Gods Light So Bright W

She Greets The People, As She Dances By 
With A Beautiful, Twinkle In Her Eye 

A Scent, Brushes! Across Her Nose 
She Pauses To Smell A Rose

And To Pick An Orchid For Her Hair 
Never So Happy, Never So Fair 

She Dances On To The Quilting Frame 
Set Aside Just For Her In 'Me Sparkling Sun

To Sew The Quilt She Had No Time To Do 
With Magnificent Colors, Never Finished, Never Done 

She Was Promised An Eternity, And An Eternity It Will Take 
All Her Masterpieces, To Create, She Will Leave In Her Wake

As He Promised, Waiting With Loved Ones Who've Gone Before
Just Creating Her Masterpiece, Biding Her Time Waiting For Many, Many More

Loved Ones Who Miss Her And Can't Wait To See 
The Beauty Of Her And Her Masterpiece Quilt To Be

By: Her Mother Barbara Biles
January 9, 1999