The Karickhoff Family Album


The homestead may be gone but not forgotten!

Warrick Loomis Karickhoff & Maggie Mae Lantz & Family

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1. Front Warrick Loomis Karickhoff & Maggie Mae Lantz; Back row: John Sherman Sr. Simons, Oscar (Dick) Crider, Alonzo Ward, Herbert O. Smith, Henry (Ron) Curkendall, Benton Glenn Powers Sr., William Rev. (Bill) Keller.

2. Reunion Picture of their children, Back row: Donnie Woodrow Kincaid Sr. son of Audra Gay Karickhoff & Henry Kincaid, he was raised by his grandparents Warrick Loomis Karickhoff & Maggie Mae Lantz due to his mother's death in an auto wreck when he was a small child. Next are Deloris Irene Karickhoff; Oneita Mae Karickhoff; Tula Pearl Karickhoff; Earl Dayton Karickhoff; Next row right to left: Roxie Faye Fae Karickhoff; Virginia Lee Karickhoff; Elsie Dee Karickhoff; Snow Dear Karickhoff.

3. Most all of the Karickhoff related  family and my father Benton Glenn Powers Sr. and looking down at his first tiny 4 lb. grandchild Danny Lee Husk Jr. shown below.

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These three photo's were taken at the same time as above ones were.