Please re-explain the origin of the term "Juice".

By: "Joy Gilchrist Stalnaker"

It started between a PLANT cousin and I who lives in California.  When she was having her morning oj, I was usually somewhere between coffee break and lunch.  We decided to offer spiritual support for each other at what would be 8 a.m. California time wherever we were.  A few days, or maybe weeks later, all of us at HCPD-L became involved in the life of Jenny Shaffer, a genealogist who happened to have breast cancer.  Her courage and attitude captivated us all and really pulled us together.  She died in August 1997 but those of us who were around then still remember her spirit.   As we supported her (and she supported us), we began to have "juice" and prayers for her and for others.  Butterflies were Jenny's special thing. . . and I never see a butterfly without thinking of her and others who have passed on.

Jenny Flying Free

Like an injured bird
Jenny lay waiting For the word

The word from thee
That would set her free

" " Free-e-e-e " "
Free for to be with thee

Free like a butterfly on the wind
With a message to send

A message to the heart
That we will never be apart

The message came one day
While there she lay

The Angel's from up above
Came swooping like a dove

To gently carry her away
On that wonderful day

A day that many they would mourn
But for Jenny she was not forlorn

For in an instant she was set free to fly
To meet us again in the by and by

Now her beautiful spirit will glow
As on the winds it will flow

Or see her in the beauty of a pure white butterfly
As like a Beautiful Angel she flutters by

Whole and free
She flies with thee

Now you hold her close to thee
Thank you Jesus for setting Jenny free 

By : Gloria Powers Husk
8-24-1997 I wrote this after reading a letter
from Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants, Inc.