Husk Family Cemetery and Tumbstones

I had asked if anyone could tell me where this cemetery was located. "Low and Behold A Kind Kin Comes Up With It"

Hi , my name is Debbie my mom was a Husk.
I was looking at your site and on Husk cemetery there is a picture of Samuel Husk and an old family picture of his tombstone .There was a question as to how to get there last year we went to WVa. to find this cemetery and my uncle helped us find it.

If you are coming from Grantsville take right 16 S to Arnoldsburg than take right 33 W there will be a speedy mart on the right not far on right 33. Just past the speedy mart is a road to the right called Altizer ,there was a sign there last year. Turn right on Altizer and go 5.7 miles and on the right there is a drive that goes up the hill , the cemetery is right there at the top of that hill.

When you reach  5.7 miles you have to turn your car around to go up that hill .When we was there the name Lopez was on the mail box at the road . I had my husband measure the distance so that I could tell others where it is located. It is very easy to get to, Some of my cousins have been to visit it since we found it. This is a picture we took ,the tombstone on the left is his wife Dorces.
I hope this helps anyone who is looking for this tombstone, It was very exciting when we first saw it. Debbie Mechli, Newton Falls Ohio, P. S.  anyone that wants more details are welcome to E-Mail me, just write Husk in the subject line.
To Debbie Mechli at Doobug21 @ 

THANK YOU DEBBIE For your note and the GREAT color photo below.

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This is the tombstone of Samuel Husk and the transcription reads as follows:

1861 - 1865

June 8, 1823 -
Nov. 23, 1888
Aged 65 years 5 months 15 days

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Isaac Husk brother of Samuel

On  August 31, 2008 I received such a wonderful surprise from David Charles (Dave) Weaver Sr. It was an e-mail with these pictures of The Husk Cemetery, north of Arnoldsburg (on old US Grant Husk farm), in Calhoun Co, WVa. Dave has given me the OK! "Saying" " Yes I like sharing stuff with other folks." so I've added all of this to my web for everyone. It was such a joy of tears to see that he had the kindness of heart to replace the Flag that flew there.

Dave Wrote:
We were at the Husk Cemetery this Spring changed the flag. We took these pictures. Thought you would enjoy them. I'm related to Bertie Nester, wife of US Grant Husk. My wife's parents (Eddie Nicholson & Eula Griffin) are also buried there. We live in central Pa. so we don't get there often.


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Old Glory

My wife's parents are buried in the left back row of the cemetery. Her name is Patricia Ann (Pat) (Nicholson) Weaver.  As a child she lived across the valley from the Husk Cemetery. She knew US Grant and Izora Husk quite well. The Husk Cemetery sits on the Husk farm. The last Husk to own it was Izora.

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This is a picture of the house that was on the property, US Grant and his daughter Izora lived in until US Grants death. Sometime after Grants death Izora moved to Spencer, WVa.

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I believe also this is the home of Samuel as he is buried on the property. The house sat on the other side of the road from the cemetery. Izora set aside the property of the cemetery before she died. She was a very hard working person. My wife knew and loved her greatly. Izora attended my wife's wedding shower. The other photo is of Eula Nicholson (my wife's mother), an unknown man, Izora Husk, my wife's brother Mac, and two Craddock boys.

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Thank You - Dave Weaver


Lee District

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Located 1/4 mile South of the Hur-to-Richardson Road on left side of Coon Road.

Orlando Carpenter - 1924 - 1979
Rosa M. Carpenter - 1898 - 1978
William E. Carpenter, WWI - 3 Jun 1892 - 24 Jul 1962
Cleo C. Wright - 1903 - 1974
Dessel T. Wright - 1909 -
Dottie Lou Wright - 1944 - 1945
Stanley E. Wright - 1958 - 1981
Orde Starcher baby
Gladys Hursell - 1934 - 1983
Junior Clayton Husk - WWII - 4 Feb 1927 - 4 Feb 1978
S. C. Husk - 2 Jan 1887 - 17 Apr 1955
Flora G. Husk - 1889 - 1956
Esta F. Husk - 9 Aug 1914 - 15 Jul 1927
M. H. Bell
Samuel G. Husk - WWII - 16 May 1909 - 22 Dec 1952
Flossie Husk - 1914 - 1968
George and Flosey Husk
George Husk
baby Husk
W. M. and Rosey Carpenter baby
Nancy J. Husk - 9 Jan 1880 - 12 Dec 1961
John F. Husk - 10 Dec 1875 - 8 Feb 1948
Elmer E. Lethcoe - Veteran - 1 May 1919 - 1 Nov 1974
L. L. Husk (w. of Homer Husk) - 18 Mar 1930
Homer Husk
Homer and L. L. Husk twins
Charley B. Husk - 1887 - 1955
Harriett J. Husk - 1888 -
Susan (w. of Samuel Husk) - 14 Mar 1857 - 16 Apr 1925
Samuel Husk - 8 Aug 1855 - 22 Jul 1929

Thank Again to - Dave Weaver

Mother: Alverhetta (Rhetta) Masters 

Son: Furman Elsworth Husk 

Father: Albert Ross Husk

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1.Oliver Husk and wife Mahala F. Cornhill are the parents of Clark Furman Husk; Albert Ross Husk; John Clarence Husk

 2. Mabel Florence Husk is the daughter of  John Clarence Husk and Elizabeth J. Brock,  John Clarence is a brother to Clark Furman 

3. Clark Furman Husk and wife Ida Owens Clark is a brother to Albert Ross.