Husk Family in the Military

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Back of photo: 09-057-3761-3/AJ77-  Fort Gordon Ga. Col David W. Odiorne, Jr., cdr, Sch Bde and Mrs. Husk promote Floyd A. Husk, C-4, to 1SG (E8). on October 3, 1977. William H. Leopard, Jr., TASC-Audio-Vis Branch Photo Facilities.

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Floyd Arthur (Buddy) Husk Jr. Retired career Army.

Now! Floyd plays a lot of golf and for his birthday 2004 his wife Karin gave him a NEW TOY.

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Graduates Aquinas High School in Augusta, Ga.

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Floyd Arthur Husk III (Navy-Coast Guard)

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 Floyd Arthur Husk III Retires from (Navy-Coast Guard)

In Memory of our nephew Floyd Husk III