Related Family of William Rufus Husk

Great-Grandfather of Kent Michael Moore

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km1.jpg (122589 bytes) Some Husk Family members buried in the Husk Cemetery

A lot of family is also on Hur Herald

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According to Mom, this would be Ida's Mom leaving us with "Unknown Carnell married Unknown Schillingburgh" b. circa 1850s. Mom mentioned her often when I would tell her my progress on the Husk line. The note on the back is in my Mom's hand writing. No additional info on her, and I have never heard the name mentioned by anyone else.

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Henry O'Meara 

b: abt.1925 son of Timothy & Kathleen O'Meara b: abt.1891

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The O'mearas

The O'mearas (L-R)

Annabelle (cut off) O'Meara
Kathleen (Tim's Wife)
Dot - Would be Dorothy O'Meara Husk
Mary (Tim's) would be Tim and Kathleen's daughter.
Helen O'Meara - Rare photo. I have no other photo of her.
Tim (holding M. Cronin. The mix of Cronin's and O'mearas is interesting. separate story)
Mother - This is confusing. It could only be Mary Sheehy (mar. Daniel O'Meara) Very rare photo.
Mildred - sister of Dorothy, of Daniel and Mary Sheehy.
Richard - of Belle.

1920, placing Dot and Mildred in their late teens.

They looked nicely dressed. These are the women of a family of abusive, alcoholic men, by today's standards. I think being abusive and alcoholic may have been the norm for men in that era..

Tim died of alcoholism.
His brother Daniel died of suicide. Death record said he had globular pneumonia, often found in alcoholics.
Brother John died in his 50s in California.
Henry Raymond - refused to raise his kids after wife institutionalized. Decorated WWI, WWII, did prison time in Florida for writing bad checks.
Stephen - Abusive to wife.
Father Daniel, abusive alcoholic. Died broke. Hit by train.
All that from a large collection of notes from Mary LeCount (Mary Dorette, Henry Raymond)

Mildred was in convent for 16 years. Asked to leave because of inappropriate relationship with another nun.
Annabelle was cook for many well-to-do families. Late in life had cook position with millionaire on Martha's Vineyard.
Only Dorothy became the scholar. College, then teacher, then later Masters of Education. 

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The family of Lindsay Epison Smith, father of Anna Belle Smith, wife of Josiah 'Si' L. Moore, father of Harvey Preston, father of Josiah L. Moore mar. Barbara Mary Husk.

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Virginia Reese lived with Josiah and Annabelle and bore three children to Josiah while he was married to, and living with, Annabelle. (Confirmed by Harvey Preston Moore, by letter to Josiah L. Moore)

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(L to R) Daniel O'Meara, Dorothy, Henry O'Meara, Annabelle O'Meara and Helen!
Children unknown. Maybe two of the "four".

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On the back is has. Katy 1915 Sept
I have no record of a Katy.

km4.jpg (763077 bytes) We do not have a Charles Edwin Husk in our records. Could someone please tell us which family this gentleman belongs to.

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