Husk & Husk Related Family Photo's

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The Husk Root's of Jerry A. Husk

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Jerry A. Husk

Original charcoal of Jos. is owned by Gladys Bee

Original charcoal of Jos. is owned by Gladys Bee.

This photo was taken on my 1st visit to my cousin Gladys 1980. My Great Grandfather, her Grandfather. She is 1st cousin of my Father.

John Robert Husk, holding same charcoal Jos. Husk

John Robert Husk, holding same charcoal Jos. Husk

John Robert Husk (2nd cousin once removed) holding charcoal of his Great Uncle Jos. Wade Husk.

Gladys L. Ross Bee

Gladys L. Ross Bee

Gladys Bee, picture in Lick Run (nr Summers) This was visit to old Husk Cemetery in Lick Run.

Arley Samuel Husk 1910-1944

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Probably last photo ever of my dad.

Joseph W. Husk

Joseph W. Husk

Taken from charcoal owned by Gladys Bee

Jerry Arlen Husk served our Country Proud!

Jerry says he was aboard the Saratoga. In fact he was part of the original crew on CVA60. (Called Plankowner) I was CS2 (commissaryman - baker).

He was also aboard USS Bushnell (submarine tender) shown below.

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Taken From :

Served on the Sara from 4-14-1956 (2 yrs.) (Plankowner) Worked in after bakeshop. Avast: Watts, Cobb, Watson, Bronson, Owens, Kent, Rankin, Ludwig and all of the shipmates whose names I just can't recall at this time. Jerry Husk CS3 (S-2 Div.) Louisville, Ky. USA - Thursday, July 26, 2001 at 23:40:04 (CDT)

I am a plankowner, served aboard the Sara for 2 yrs 1956-1958. Worked S-2 Div., Commissary Dept., After Bake Shop. Where are all you stewburners? Jerry Husk  <> Louisville, Ky USA - Monday, July 30, 2001 at 23:59:07 (CDT)

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USS Bushnell

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There's lots of resources on there for history of submarines, parts of submarines, and how submarines were used in wars. My kids seemed to like it. It's a fun addition to our history lessons. Perhaps you and your visitors will find it useful as well. Hope I could help!

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