"Good News" 

Faith Radio is coming soon to Franklin C.I.

The Chaplaincy Dept at Franklin C.I. has instituted a program to receive 300 solar powered radio from Faith Radio Network of Tallahassee FL. These radios are being donated by Faith Radio and we are asking for donations to help offset the cost. Cost per radio is $10.00 each plus the ear buds are $.62 per pair for a total of $3186.00, that is a small price to change the lives of 300 inmates, 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week. These radios are pre-tuned to Faith Radio frequencies. Also Faith Radio has just put in a new transmitter at 104.5FM in Eastpoint, FL.

If God places it on your heart to help us pay for these radios please call Faith Radio at (Toll Free)877-801-1070 or (Locally) 850-201-1070.

Thank You, Franklin C.I. Chaplaincy Dept

Primary Contact Person: Vol. Chaplain Dan Husk dlhusk@gmail.com

Sr. Chaplain Homer McMillan

Faith Radio Link: http://www.faithradio.us/

Frequencies: 105.7FM - 104.5 FM - 90.1 FM - 1070 AM

Faith Radios are alive and well at Franklin Correctional Institute!

I would like to thank all those who have supported us with prayers and financial support to Faith Radio in Tallahassee. We have now given out a total of 55 radios and will doing a weekly distribution from this date 4/9/2011.

You cannot imagine what these radios mean to an inmate that has no access to any kind of Christian programs in the dorm or elsewhere. The small sum of $12.00 per radio adds much to their lives. If you have given we thank you, if you have not then please consider donating to Faith Radio who supplies them to many prisons in the panhandle. Our goal is to give 300 radios out at FCI.

Please take the time to watch this video on Galcom, they are the manufacturers of the radio, there's is an amazing story. 

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Check out this video on YouTube:

Thanks and God Bless, Chaplain Husk


You can now listen to Faith Radio 24 hours a day on your computer.
Simply go to this link and click on one of the options listed and get a "faith lift" right at your computer!