Deepwater Horizon Disaster

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Oil Spill from the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

As I drove around the other day life as we knew it here in our Sleepy Little Fishing Village of Carrabelle, Florida. I began to see and feel the long armed effects the oil spill is starting to have here. Day by day a little more boom is added to our shores and inlets in the horrible anticipation of the oil reaching our Beautiful Forgotten Coast. I just PRAY it doesn't reach here

BOY! you talk about something that rumbles I could hear this boat the Lori D coming from Carrabelle early one morning. I kept watching and just did catch it coming across the Bay out here from off the East end of Dog Island. 

Timber Island, Carrabelle, Florida. Work is starting to happen here now for the expected arrival of the oil spill. This is a staging area at what used to be Dock Side Marina area across the river from the C. Quarters Marina, Moorings Marina, Carrabelle Marine and IGA.

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Timber Island, Carrabelle, Florida at the area of what used to be Pirates Landing Restaurant. There is now a mass of boom at the end of the road by the condos, Then where there used to be boat storage there is an entrance to a trailer park area that is being set up for oil workers and such. It looks like they are gearing up for a long hall of clean up if and when it gets here.

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While at the River Walk I saw these boat's going out of Pirates Landing area pulling boom up the river then turned to make their way back down, for what purpose they were doing this other than for practice I don't know.

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The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Last week as Alex was making it way across the Gulf I ventured over to the Bay to get some pictures of the boom. Also to see how it was weathering our part of the rain bands that were blowing through.

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I just had to get a picture of the roots of this first V shaped tree in the picture above. 

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In 1998 when we moved into our house across the road this tree had about two feet of ground extending out and you were able to sit on the ground by the tree with just a bit of the biggest piece of root showing through the earth. Little by little each storm takes out a few more inches of our land. 

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Saturday July Fourth weekend I could see from our front porch workers had just arrived at the end of our Arizona street to train and practice if the oil should get past the St. George, Dog Island's and over Lanark Reef where boom has been placed. 

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 They came back again a few weeks later just checking things out and picking up some trash while there.

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Special Coverage of  the Gulf  Coast Oil Disaster - Thanks to CNN - 

28 Pages of HEARTBREAKING! Photos

BUT! among these are what looks like Beautiful Abstract Art

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How can something SO BEAUTIFUL be SO DEADLY?

In life there comes Beauty from Tragedy & Tragedy from Beauty.