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CJ was born about November 29, 1987

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CJ loves his toys!

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They hang together like MUTT & JEFF!

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HEY! Dad where are you?

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The guy's just GOOFING! off.

After the passing of his little daddy Critter on August 30, 2010 he just didn't seem the same. He was SO SAD acting and started gaining weight he had never had before. It was at Christmas, when it came time to open packages that they had always done together that Critters absents was really hitting home with us all. It was at that point I started thinking and looking for a new little friend for CJ. That is when I found online a little ball of black & white fur. The whole litter was so sweet but the black & white caught my eye the most. I told my husband and that was it! The story of the new baby continues on http://www.gloryway.com/speckles.htm .

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CJ & Speckles became buddies after a while. 

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In the past year CJ had been starting to show his age more and started going down hill. His sight and hearing was going and had arthritis in his hip's. Near the end he would wonder aimlessly through the house and yard. He would catch a shadow of Speckles and try to follow but couldn't keep up. I would have to send Speckles out often to find CJ and bring him in the house because he couldn't see and would get lost or stuck in a corner. 

In the last picture it looks as if an orb spirit has come to take CJ to doggie heaven. I would hope it's his daddy Critter. also this was the day before I took him to the vet.

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This was CJ's last night before I took him to the vet the next morning early to send doggie heaven. He could hardly stand up as I put him up on the bed, He slept so hard and long the past week or so I had to keep checking to see if he was still even breathing at all. May God Bless and keep all of our babies.

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