A Visit to Canada "Then" and "Now" 

The Irwin Inn "THEN"

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As a child of age 10 in 1955 my parents and two sisters took a trip to Canada and stayed at (The Irwin Inn) in one of the cottages and ate there overlooking the lake and my dad went fishing. I have two post cards of the restaurant and the cottages and thought I would try and look you up (Low & Behold) there you were as your add says "AFTER ALL THESE YEARS". It looks like a lot has changed from 1955.

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The Irwin Inn Resort on Stoney Lake - Ontario, Canada

For more than fifty years, three generations of the Irwin family have welcomed guests to their year round resort on Stoney Lake, in the very heart of Ontario's beautiful Kawartha Lakes District.

With 200 acres of lakefront property, attentive and friendly staff and a variety of activities, services and accommodation, The Irwin Inn offers vast opportunities for the ideal getaway.

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Hands By The Lake Motor Court, Grimsley, Ontario, Canada

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Fort Erie HOTELS   Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

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Photo was taken at Shur's Motel Lemoyne, Pa. on our way to Canada

Welcome to Lemoyne, Pa.  http://www.rhometown.com/about/about.cfm?city_id=CI00010351

Niagara Falls