Changing Neighborhood

We moved to our home here in the Lanark Beach area in 1998. It has been a quiet area of mostly weekenders from Tallahassee or Snowbirds from up north that come down for six months out of the year. The biggest change here on our Arizona street has been the property across the street.

When we first moved here it was owned by Kenny & Lizzy Weitz who both passed away a few years ago of long term illness. Before their passing they had allowed the big garage to be used as car storage by a snowbird family.

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The property then went to a niece from up north who would come down with a trailer, her husband and her mother who became quite ill. It was kept by them for a few years then sold.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Campbell and their daughter were the next to buy the property and are now in the process of turning the big garage into a very nice cozy home. They started first by cutting down three large cedar trees in front of the carport and the garage. My husband told me it might be good to start trying to keep a picture diary of how it is changing. I have gotten most all but the cutting down of the three large cedar trees. It's like a beautiful butterfly coming out of it's cocoon.

Looking Good!!