"Home Is Where The Heart Is"

We came to Lanark Beach which is a section of Lanark Village which are both located on St. James Island, in April of 1994 to live. We stayed at HoHum RV Park http://www.hohumrvpark.com/ just across and down the road from us. We moved here to this house in August 1998. This is now August 16, 2007. It has been a dry summer so I have tried to water to save the plants but not the grass because it takes to much water. That is part of the reason for the new mulch I have put down.... Click picture to enlarge.

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How is this to wake up to?

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Wide view of the water.

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It's just a short hop to the beach! I had a new privacy fence put in on two sides of the yard because we live on a corner lot and now on 9/21/2009 had a carport put in. It was put in by Carolina Carports Inc. http://www.carolinacarportsinc.com/Home.html The crew did a really great job installing it and I thank them all for all of their hard work out here in the heat they had to work in.

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The outer deck Then & Now a bit cooler!

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These were taken in the dark. There was this big burnt out bug zapper under the house so I took the bottom off of it and between the two layers of wire mesh I wound a rope light, for a light on the deck.

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A look around the back yard.

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The fire pit the and now, would like to add one more layer. 

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Our home is the floor plan on the right. 

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We live at the corner of Arizona & Massachusetts on lot's # 16 & 17. 

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Where we are located on St. James Island.

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Our St, James Island community links as you come onto the Island on Highway 98 going East to West.

Welcome to Bald Point State Park. Some of the most picturesque scenic areas along north Florida's Gulf Coast can be found at this park. Located on Alligator Point where Ochlocknee Bay meets Apalachee Bay, Bald Point offers a multitude of land and water activities. http://www.floridastateparks.org/baldpoint/

Welcome to the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory (FSUCML). Located on St. James Island in northwest Florida, the laboratory offers unique opportunities for research, education, and outreach on the Gulf of Mexico in a biologically diverse, pristine environment. http://www.marinelab.fsu.edu/

Welcome to Florida SummerCamp Beach, on St. James Island, Florida, is a celebration of nature, offering an inspirational refuge that embodies your fondest summer memories at the beach. http://www.joe.com/web/TownsAndHomes/SummerCamp

Welcome to St. James Bay, St. James Bay worked closely with Robert Walker and the Audubon International to create a course in complete harmony with nature. This perfectly manicured 18-hole championship course gives golfers the ability to play a more strategic game of golf. http://www.stjamesbay.com/

Welcome to Camp Gordon Johnston, Training started on Florida's Forgotten Coast. For four years, (acres) of beaches and woods along the shores of North Florida were converted to a base with the sole purpose of training amphibious soldiers and their support groups. Originally name Camp Carrabelle after the community it took over, and later named Camp Gordon Johnston, this facility trained over a quarter million men for amphibious assaults during World War II. Camp Gordon Johnston. http://www.campgordonjohnston.com/


Three Servicemen Statue South, Inc., a non-profit organization,  has obtained permission from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) to bring a bronze sculpture of the famed Three Servicemen Statue to Apalachicola, Florida. Located in the Florida Panhandle region, Apalachicola is 85 miles south of the state capital of Tallahassee. http://www.threeservicemenstatuesouth.org/

Welcome to Carrabelle! Carrabelle, Florida has much to offer residents and visitors alike. We are still a quaint little fishing village. http://www.mycarrabelle.com/