With Adeline LeVeta (Addie) Bottom

Wife of  Clifford Francis (Cliff) Hickman

Adeline L. Hickman (Addie) (September 29, 1923 - August 17, 2013)

Adeline LeVeta Hickman (Addie), 89, of Oskaloosa, formerly of Topeka and Soldier, KS, passed away Saturday, August 17, 2013 at a Topeka hospital. She was born September 29, 1923 in Havensville, KS, the daughter of Lenneaus McKinley and Verta A. (McDaniel) Bottom. Adeline had lived in Soldier, KS from 1940 to 1955 and in Topeka before moving to Oskaloosa in 2008.

Adeline attended Soldier High School and graduated from Clark’s School of Business in Topeka. She began working for the Social Security office in Topeka for a short time. She then became Administrative Supervisor for USDA also in Topeka, working with the Animal Health Division in the State of Kansas, using the state and federal veterinarians to eradicate brucellosis in cattle.

She was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Topeka. She was a member of Hackers Creek Pioneers Decedents in Buckhannon, West Virginia and also worldwide noted genealogist of Hickman and Bottom families.

Adeline was married to Clifford Francis Hickman on March 29, 1940 in Oskaloosa, KS. He preceded her in death on September 18, 1995. She is survived by her sons; Gary Lain Hickman (Loraine) of Ft. Pierce, FL, Lenney Eugene Hickman (Arlena) of Acworth, GA and Michael “Kin” Hickman (LeAnna) of Oskaloosa, KS; 4 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren.

Funeral services will be 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at the Mercer Funeral Home in Holton. Interment will be in the Bucks Grove Cemetery. Family will greet friends from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Tuesday evening. Memorials may be given to your local hospice c/o Mercer Funeral Home, P.O. Box 270, Holton, KS 66436.

Jake is the great blue heron. 642 was her house address in Topeka, KS before she went to the nursing home. He stood guard on the house, outside her window at the nursing home, and shall now guard them both.

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"We Love You Addie Dear"

She is a member of the Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants as are many of us through out the country. Over the years I have been saving some of the GREAT STORIES that Addie has shared with us on the  HCPD List.

As a way of thanking her for the wonderful moments of "JOY" & "SADNESS" I have put together in this section her writings to us ALL in her words.

Now where was I!  Oh yes, traveling down the "yellow brick road of
genealogy" and the many stones we stumble over on the way!

Along the way you will find BITS & PIECES of LIFE & HISTORY that this WONDERFUL LADY has left behind for us, HER TREASURED RAMBLINGS.

I received a note from ADDIE about this web page.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

What an honor!   I do not feel worthy of this at all.  I thank you so much for your kindness.  
May God Bless you and yours and again thank you so much.  The page you have
placed out there in my honor is lovely indeed.

Addie here

Addie also asked for OUR PRAYERS for her as she is NOT WELL!!.

A message from "Adeline Hickman"
I have been having Danny in my prayers and it seems like you have to be riding a roller coaster.  Needing the surgery and decisions and then the previous surgery making this one almost an impossibility...... very scary but now if I understand right they are going ahead with the surgery. Please let Danny know I am thinking of him and will continue to keep him in my prayers. I remember my early  HCPD days how Danny sent me such beautiful messages. Somehow he had made the background really neat. I appreciated and enjoyed reading the message he sent concerning the current status and his appreciation of you.  What a wonderful gesture.  It warmed my heart tremendously. How I miss my mate and it does me so much good to see other couples so devoted to each other.  We are living in such a time that those couples seem to be rare! 

I thank you for the picture of you two.  Great picture.

wpe4.jpg (29862 bytes)

Again I want to thank you for your kindness to me.  I shall not forget it. Stay close to Jesus and may God put His loving arms around you both and you, Danny, have a successful surgery and speedy recovery. And may the Great Physician have his hands on the doctors as they do the surgery. Will be interested in his progress. 

Gratefully yours,  Addie here

Dear Addie, God Bless you and thank you so much for caring for me enough to write. I have been so blessed with all the fine Brothers and Sisters in Christ who have been in contact with me during these trying times.
Yes, Gloria and I have been on a roller coaster, but what a joyful ride in the Lord it has been! I have been so blessed it is only God's Amazing Grace that has gotten us both through it.
Proverbs 3:5
    Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
Proverbs 3:6
    In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
That is what has gotten us through it all!!
Believe it or not it has not been that scary to make the decisions, I just ask the Lord to orchestrate and it happens, exactly as he ordains and we are obedient to follow his PERFECT WILL.
Gloria came right in and told me that you had written, she had tears of joy in her eyes, so I immediately came in to write you back. I hope you like the stationary as I had to find it and install it. I had none on my computer...
Addie, I am fully confident in this and I know that God will get me through I have that faith and knowledge. As I told Gloria I have a lot more to do for the Glory of our Lord and I know that the time is short, the Lord is going to come back soon.
I know if you Loved your mate as much as I Love Gloria than I can imagine what a joyous re-union that will be when you see him in heaven, what a glorious thought!!
When I finally cross over I will be most anxious of course to see our Lord, then of course next on my list will be sweet Gloria....Then of course I will know your sweet spirit in heaven and will finally see the one that belongs to that phrase we all Love "Addie Here".  
I Love You Very Much In The Lord,
God Bless and Keep You and Yours,
Love and Prayers. Danny

Thursday, May 13, 2004 

Dear Gloria,  I have been keeping you and Danny in my prayers and am forwarding this to you because I need your prayers right now.  And this is the easiest way to let you know.

Pray Danny is progressing daily positive in recovery. I have tried to follow his progress but have not been able to get in the web site lately because cannot stay because of what is going on with me.  But you are still on my mind.

God Bless you both,  Addie here

You know you are in our prayers and Danny is doing GREAT for the shape he was in and I just did a FW of your message to him.

We LOVE YOU Addie and PRAY you get to feeling better. BUT! to be HONEST HON wouldn't you be better off living with one of the boys. I know you would miss your home BUT!! for your good and peace of mind for the family. I know Gary said he was getting ready to go to Ireland and more. I'm sure Danny will be writing you ALSO.

Love & Prayers Gloria

You must be very careful what you do, because if you are not around the world will be a sader place!! Gloria sent me the email that said you had fallen, be careful.

I offer prayers up to Our Lord that he will send angels to protect you and keep you Happy and Healthy. I know that the Lord will honor our prayers, In Jesus name. Our Lord is so good that he heals us even before we get sick, and talks to us even when we do not want to talk. I bind every force on earth that would hinder you and say "KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF ADDIE IN JESUS NAME"   "AMEN". we claim that in his name.

Please do not stop saying "ADDIE HERE" we LOVE You

 Prayers and Love, Danny Boy God Bless You

 1 Cor. 16:24
    My love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen.


When I think of memories I think of yesterdays!  And believe me I have some to remember and praise the Lord I have so many pleasant memories.  It is like a fresh breeze blowing over me renewing my love for my family and who I am.  Many people say they would not like to live their life over again.  I would at the drop of a hat if I had the chance taking the bad times with the good as they say if you could you would not do anything different even if you wanted to.  So I am offering a suggestion:

"When the Winds of Yesterdays Blow on Me"  or a shorter version of it.

Just a thought from an old lady in Kansas.   Addie here

This has been discussed on the list before but think it bears visiting again.  

As I have said and keep saying "nothing is written in cement" unfortunately. Joy and others have given us some good ground rules to go by as we do our researching, what is primary and secondary and so on.  But I think the bottom line is never feels like you "got it in cement"!  In other words be "open" to everything you see, document it, marking those as discrepancies that you have proven to your satisfaction are in error but keeping them in sight for future reference.  As I assure you, you will come across them again and again.  Bringing them together all in one place many times you can see a pattern developing, for example people copying other people's work.  I find it is very beneficial to have everything together to look at when you go to recording any material.

Never be "should I say so stubborn" as to be closed minded to others research or reporting or findings if they differ from yours!   I have seen some so firmly standing on their material whether right or wrong and sadly they are only cheating themselves.

For example, I have a cousin doing just that with her great-grandmother's birth date.  When I have found at the court house documents filled out by the ggrandmother's mother declaring her birth date in more than one document.  The reason I did extensive research on it was the fact that we had her born before she came to America and I knew by all reports some first hand that she was the only child born after her mother came to America and we knew firmly the year, 1856, her mother came to America!  I suppose she feeling it was her personal line that her records and that was what we had always seen recorded should be correct.  But then another rather comical twist to this was the fact she called me over to look at some old pictures that she was willing to give me.  She was going to give me he ggrandmother's picture as she had no idea who she was and did not even recognize her name I guess at that point! I told her who it was and that surely she would want to keep it and she did.  I didn't take any of the pictures as I told her I thought she should offer them to her older brother first.  She did later make me some copies of some of the family which I really appreciated.  Well sorry I got carried away again!

Now where was I!  Oh yes, traveling down the
"yellow brick road of genealogy" and the many stones we stumble over on the way!

I have ran into vital static's not being correct and knowing for a fact on a first hand basis.   Names being the same I have found get recorded to wrong person etc.  I find as recent as my mother what I know to be errors.  My husband has a cousin that her year is recorded wrong (birth) but she has never changed it.

I used to think tombstones were gospel.  Boy did I have that wrong!  We have to stop and think years ago stones weren't stones they were wooden if at all and years of elements take care of wood. The old 16 and 1700 ones you may not find a record or stone confirming they are buried there but that does not preclude that they are not as elements took away wooden markings and no records available etc.  Same as the elements on the stone ones sometimes are very hard to read (3's & 8's etc) without extra work. For example pencil and tissue or perhaps chalk on the stones will bring out the dates and chalk will wash away with the next rain fall. And even then many times the dates are wrong.  Perhaps the people couldn't afford stones when their loved one died so the stone was placed years later and dates came out of someone's memory.  Another category is the monument people making errors and the family not making them correct them.  I experienced that with my folks
stone.  I made them do corrective measures three different times.  So when it came to my husbands, I told them they better get it right first time.  To which they replied they remembered me well and they would and they did get it right!!

 So many hands in the pot brings transposing of numbers and so many opportunities for things we just need to be open minded to and use common sense and then go from there if we are to get to the "creditable stuff" or what we think is creditable at least at that time.

We talk of proving this and that.  I guess we prove it to our satisfaction but I ask myself many times about proving what is really proving when we live so many years from the time we are proving! And we have found so many errors in the proven!

 I think of my husband as he would sat at the kitchen table reading his paper and I just around the corner within viewing distance at the computer working on our ancestors files.  Sometimes I would get so excited at what I had found at the library, court house or other documents accumulated and I would work it up and present it to him.  I especially remember when I broke through getting past Sotha Hickman to his father and back a couple generations past that, I will never forget his remark, "How the hell do you know they are my relation"?  There was never any excitement in his voice concerning his ancestors but he was excited about his grandchildren, his nieces and nephews and siblings etc.   I think if I ever wrote a book on the ancestors, I would entitle it, "How The Hell Do You Know They Are My Relation."   The remark may be sunny but has a ring of truth in it also!

We have to keep in mind as we read the books that that was the information that seemed the most creditable to the writer in their research at that time period.  If you are like me your work is changing all the time.  But once you have written a book it is rather permanent no matter how much newer information you might glean.  In the books I many times see a pattern there also.  People copying people etc. sometimes almost word for word!

I know as I write what I call My Hickman Epistle or my Bottom Epistle, etc for family reunions etc, I am always frustrated that I documented that material and already perhaps within months I have found errors in it because of new information that I have turned up!

Census records are very good but they too have errors.  Perhaps the party isn't home and a neighbor gives them the information.  The best he can do is give "guesstimations".  But I am always very thankful for census information whether right or wrong! It has the ability hopefully correct or near correct establishing the family in a certain area at a certain time and gives you the people living in that household, gives you the place born, where their parents were born and ages of those listed. It is a superb stepping stone whether correct or just ca!

Even certified Genealogists their writings are sometimes in error.  They have produced the best of their ability. And they are certainly much more knowledgeable and most qualified than I am in how to go about these matters. And they do wonderful work. But if you are human you are subject to error! Not intended but human! And not even to their knowledge at that time. However, there are those, I am sorry to say that swear by the accuracy of any certified genealogist.  They do, do wonderful work but as I said, "nothing is written in cement"!  And I think a good genealogist would be the first to say the same.

However, we must be very grateful for their hard work and for these books and the web sites and all those that gather the information.  Like LDS, Don Norman and others I can think of.  They make for good stepping stones and that is wonderful and to our advantage.  It was through LDS that I got my break through on Sotha.

Well I have dwelled on this enough I think and if you are still with me,
Thank You for listening and may God Bless each of you,  Addie here