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From the Rolling Hills to the church in the Dale.

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Hodgesville, West Virginia 

This is a small community where we grew up as children.
Photo's were provided by: Mike Rexroad and "not for commercial reproduction".

The photo of Hodgesville was taken from atop the hill southwest of the intersection. That is the hill in which the old Pecks Run coal trolley entered off of the Hackers Creek road near the Norman family house and emerged about a quarter of a mile later to cross the trestle over Rt.# 20 (Buckhannon Pike).  It was taken about October 1965.

More photo's were provided by Mike Rexroad. His note stated:

I hope that you enjoy these pictures. They were taken during the period of Oct 3 thru Oct 12. Obviously the later ones show the most color. I drove into West Virginia via Staunton to Monteray Virginia on Rt# 250 and then north to Pendleton County West Virginia on Rt# 220. Unfortunately the colors were just beginning to change when I passed through the Senaca Rocks area.
The later pictures, with lots of leaf colors and all the wildflowers were taken at the Karickhoff farm at the upper end of Hacker Valley or as it has always been to me "Hackers Crick".

An added note: Mike also said that if anyone making the Monterey, Va.  to Pendleton Co. W.Va. trip on highway (220) may want to check out the library in Franklin, W.Va. as it has excellent genealogical sources concerning the pioneer families that settled into W.Va.

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